Colton Rusch

Student / Software Developer

Currently studying Computer Science at Brown University and working as a Head Teaching Assistant for CSCI 0320 - Software Engineering. Feel free to check out some of my past projects below, browse some code on my GitHub profile, or just reach out to say hi!

Recent Projects


A web app that helps artists and record labels target Spotify playlists for music marketing campaigns using the Spotify API. Built with Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.


A group chat web app for travelers. Built with Java, Spark, and Firebase.

Pyret Autograder

The world's first autograder for Pyret! Built with Python and TypeScript and intended for use with Gradescope.

Google Maps Clone

A recreation of Google Maps' backend using Java, Spark, and SQL.


A mobile web browser designed for people who have been through traumatic experiences. Built with React Native.

Concert Price Tracker

Monitor the price of resale tickets for events you're interested in via Python and the SeekGeek API.

Pick A Book For Me

Don't know what book to read next? Leave it to the trusty ol' Goodreads API and some Python!

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