[colton rusch]


I'm a senior at Brown University seeking an Sc.B in Computer Science and an A.B. in Music.

At AWS, I developed machine learning pipelines to empower AWS salespeople to make better sales decisions. These pipelines applied classification models such as XGBoost alongside associating rule mining and collaborative filtering techniques to serve next best action recommendations for sales opportunities.

At Brown, I'm extensively involved in the Department of Computer Science's teaching assistant program as a Head Teaching Assistant. I have supervised nearly 100 different teaching assistants and taught over 1000 students throughout 7 semesters in introductory programming and software engineering courses. Recently, I designed Brown's flagship software engineering course from scratch, including a curriculum covering full stack development, agile methodology, and cloud deployment. I previously led a working group of faculty and TAs to reform CS department and university policies regarding TA wages, TA responsibilities, and administrative support and oversight of TAs.

Additionally, I conduct research with Professor Malte Schwarzkopf developing Pelton, a database system designed for out-of-the-box compliance with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR, CCPA). In particular, I developed variable data ownership policies for Pelton and implemented functionality for nested materialized views within Pelton's dataflow engine.

You can reach me by email at coltonrusch@gmail.com.